Radical Self-Care

Our Radical Self-Care course (RadSec) is an 8 week group course aiming to help build resilience, teaching self-care and mindfulness skills tailored to the unique mental health needs and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals.


These courses are completely free of charge and are available UK-wide, mainly delivered online.


The context and lived experience of being LGBTQ+ is taken into account in this course, for example, addressing the impact of internalised shame and LGBTQ+ negativity by supporting self-acceptance, self-care, and self-worth.


RadSec is a strengths-based model that helps people enhance their capacity for awareness and emotional balancing. Recent research has shown that this course improves psychological wellbeing and reduces self-criticism, perfectionism, and shame.


To find out more about the Radical Self-Care courses and to register your interest, please click the buttons below, or email northernhub@rainbowmind.org (Greater Manchester & Northern England), or rainbowmind@mindchwf.org.uk (London & Southern England).


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To find out more about our project and to get involved, please email:

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