We are currently running a number of exciting opportunities and events in London that you can read more about below.

LGBTQI+ Young People’s Project

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new LGBTQI+ Young People’s Project, designed to focus on the mental and emotional health of young people within the LGBTQI+ community (ages 17-24). We are extending an invitation to our regular Rainbow Room online event - an invitational and collaborative online space where we can connect and support each other's mental health and wellbeing.

The Gatherings Workshops

This series of workshops are online group sessions centred around sharing safe space and reflecting on topics that impact us all. Throughout the workshops materials, skills and tools will be shared that will support us in life. As part of the workshop programme we will also be offering courses led by and for BAME LGBTQI+ community members as well as general LGBTQI+ courses.

We will be running workshops on a number of themes over the coming months, which are:


We are all experiencing loss in a range of different ways right now. This month we will be thinking about how it informs our day to day lives, ways of acknowledging and accepting loss and thinking about how we can be kind to ourselves when facing loss becomes difficult.


As the world starts to think about ways of recovering and healing from the impacts of the last 12months, How can we offer ourselves and others care and love? How might we increase our capacity for receiving and giving love safely?


In an age where perfection and flawlessness is promoted everywhere, how do we move towards accepting ourselves just as we are? Is perfection what we actually want? Is it possible? What is the balance between striving for better and loving ourselves as we are in this moment?

Difficult Emotions

We all experience difficult emotions like anger, disgust, shame. When they show up, what do you notice; Do you avoid, do you hide, do you deny? Together we will consider our relationships with our difficult emotions and explore some tools to support us in ways of relating to them within our lives.


As social beings, we humans need connection. At a time when the usual modes of connecting are cut off, how do we maintain a connection to friends, loved ones, to ourselves in safe and helpful ways?

You can find out more about and sign up to these courses and our other upcoming events via the link below.

A non-binary employee in a meeting at work

Monthly LGBTQI+ Connect Groups

We are also running both a monthly online BAME LGBTQI+ Connect  group and a general LGBTQI+ Connect group. These sessions offer the opportunity to connect and check in to consider our mental and emotional wellbeing as LGBTQI+ people. We welcome all parts of people's intersecting identities and aim to create a safe connecting space to explore wellbeing, share reflections and pick up tips and tools.

All of our courses are led and delivered by LGBTQ+ practitioners. We'll be sharing perspectives, resources and information to support your wellbeing.

You can also sign up to these sessions via our Eventbrite page below. For any further information please feel free to contact us via southernhub@rainbowmind.org.