Rainbow Mind at present is leading on two key projects -  an LGBTQI+ specific mindfulness programme and a support group. Rainbow Mind’s services are impartial, independent, non-judgmental, confidential and person-centred. Service user participation is key in all aspects of planning, delivery and governance of the organisation and its services.

Note: because services are dependent on funding, the services available in Hackney and Salford may differ - check the location specific services in the main menu for more details!


LGBT Mindfulness

  • The project focuses on compassion-focussed therapy, mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies which are particularly important for LGBTQI+ people. Internalised stigma within the LGBTQI+ community has been found to play a major role in poor LGBT mental health, so interventions that target shame and self-criticism can be expected to improve mental health.

The Support Group / PEER Project

  • The support group aims to create a safe space for LGBTQI+ people to talk about their experiences of mental health, gain support and socialise. Anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQI+ community are welcome. Topics of discussion may include how mental health insects with gender and sexual identity, and whether prejudice in terms of experiences homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying have been internalised in a way that has impacted mental health.
  • A draft programme plan will be co-produced with group participants and will include a rolling agenda of activities for each week, such as cooking, watching LGBTQI films or listening to visiting speakers.

Future Projects

During 2019/2020, we will be expanding the projects undertaken by Rainbow Mind. These may include:

  • A campaign to make GP Surgeries and Health services in Hackney more LGBTQI+ friendly.
  • Establishing LGBTQI+ Peer Advocacy
  • Transgender and Gender identity projects
  • A schools-focused HBT Bullying project
  • Work with LGBTQI+ people in rural areas